Top 3 Most Distinctive Perfumes Woman Can Use

A signature scent of a woman is what defines her but, with the increase in the work load these days; many women cannot decide upon the right perfume scent and end up using different perfumes each day. Sticking to one scent or perfume can help in marking the signature scent of the woman. There are many options which are available these days in the market. A woman has to be quiet precise in making the right choice for the selection of the perfume. There are online websites which are available in the market like Your Scent is Your Signature and a woman can choose from different range of perfumes.

Below here is discussed in detail about different types of perfumes-

Citric scent

The strongest of all is known as the citric scent. There are many different types of perfumes which are available in the market. A woman has to ensure that she once uses the citric smelling perfumes in order to know why they probably are the best. The strong smelling nature of the scent makes it quiet distinctive from the others. A daylight perfume which gets stronger with time is a must to have for woman. The smell of fruits which are made of citric is combined in the scent. It is very lively and strong for women who love wearing a different smell.


Next to citric, oceanic perfumes are the best a woman can wear. Since, your scent is considered as your signature so, why not it should be as distinctive and strong as your personality? There are many times when a person needs to be very precise in making the right choice for the selection of the perfume and choosing oceanic scents is something which you will cherish buying.


Nature never lets anyone down. It has so much to offer like the smell of perfumes which can be derived from the nature. The fresh smell of the perfume can be a saver at a hot date and since, it is a unisex blend so, you need not to worry about your loved ones using it too.

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