The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Breeding Guppies

Nowadays, many people are really fond of having fish as their pets at home. Though it is not quite easy to have fish as pet since there are also many things to be considered, still many would prefer having fish as pet than other type of animals. Fish as pet at home are sometimes put in a fish bowl or if bigger population they are put in an aquarium. This serves as their second home next to their original place where they really originated.

There are varieties of fish species to take care of and one of the most popular is the guppies. It is best to have ideas first about these types of fish before proceeding of taking care of them as well as breeding them to produce more of their population. What actually guppies are? Well, they are one of the most multi-colored tropical freshwater types of fish in the world. Guppies are small in size and they are said to be a bit easy as well as inexpensive to take care of.

Choose the best fish you wanted.

This will exactly be the first process to be accomplished in terms of breeding guppies. In this process always remember to consider the number of fish to be breed, the colorings of the fish and also their tails’ shape. For the number of fish, it is advised to choose a male and female of two or three, since when breeding having a ratio of one is to one male guppy becomes aggressive making them chase the female guppies. But if there is more than one female guppy the attention of the male one will also not focus on one only.

Prepare the Breeding Tank.

Choose the best tank for your breeding. It must have a heater as well as a gentle filter for the fry will not be sucked up. Put low-floating plants as hide-outs of the fry for adult guppies might actually eat them when they are born. Most aquariums are filled with imitation rocks but it is advised not to put any for bottom tank is much better for fry. Feel free to visit learn more about this.

Be aware about giving birth.

For this type of fish, gestation period only lasts for 26 to 31 days. Observe whether they are ready to give birth. There are signs like very large stomach as well as the gravid spot becomes blacker. They are also very still and manage to seclude herself, shivers, usually they hang out near the heater and there is a change in appetite. Always monitor the female guppies and be sure to be there once she gave birth and protect the fry from the female guppies. You can immediately remove the adult guppies from the tank to ensure the lives of the new fry.

Taking care of the Fry.

Once you already have the new guppy fry remember to take care of them properly. Ensure their safety inside the tank and feed them with the right food. Always make them healthy including the removal of the dead fry and changing water as well as type of food. Cleanliness is a must once taking care of a fry. Once they are already big enough, you can actually move them to their normal tank.

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