The Roles of a Movie Crew

Putting together a movie crew can be an exciting opportunity, but it can also be a challenge to those that are doing it for the first time. Have you ever wondered what all those people do and what their role is in the movie? Today we look at the roles of the movie crew.

The Executive Producer

This is the person that finances the film but also gets involved 100 percent in the day to day running of the whole movie production process. For those short movies that are commissioned by businesses, the executive producer might be the person that signs off on the project.

The Producer

This is the person hired by the executive producer to make sure the movie is produced correctly and that everything runs smoothly. The producer usually comes up with an initial budget and is tasked with running the logistics during the production. The producer is equivalent to a project manager in a company.

Depending on the size of production, you can have several producers in the movie, all that have their expert areas.

The Director

The director is responsible for telling the whole story and making sure it comes alive on the screen. The role of the director includes working with the actors, setting the location, writing the lists and deciding how the movie looks and who is in the movie. The way the movie will look and feel all falls on the shoulders of the director.

He works with all the creative talent and also the production members to make sure the script runs its course.


He is responsible for writing the script and sometimes comes up with different works for the director. The role is largely dependent on the type of production you are running, which can be a documentary, film, commercial or digital video, all that might require the screenwriter to work very closely with the production team in various elements.


The talent refers to the actors and actresses that will be part of the film. The talents differ depending on the type of production at hand. You might go for established artistes or go for endorsed athletes.

In Closing

Various parties play a major role in any movie production, and you can discover more here. You need to understand these roles so that you know who is who among the crew, and who is liable for what in the whole setting.

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