Mosquito Traps- Know The Secret Behind Trapping Mosquitoes

Mosquito traps have become a trendy item in most of the households. The manufacturers design these traps in a systematic way so that they can kill mosquitoes almost instantly. You may choose these devices for outdoor or indoor area.  At Bug Shock, let’s have a look at how these gadgets work for trapping mosquitoes.

The process in which the traps can work

While the mosquitoes start to find out blood for their nourishment, they may fly almost twenty five feet from ground level. They make use of their different organs in order to get their prey. Usually, they apply their antennae, which are able to identify the CO2 gas that we release from our lungs. They are also competent to recognize a variety of odors, generated by our own skin. For example, octenol is one such substance, present in our sweat. The eyes of mosquitoes have also several small lenses, which are intended to spot out the movement. These eyes are also helpful to distinguish the prey. Another organ, helpful to the mosquitoes, is Maxillary palpus, and it is one of the heat-sensitive parts, which are able to find out the capillaries.

The main task of mosquito trapping device is to make use of the sensory capability of the insects. This device has special a feature, which is intended to trick the mosquito. It reproduces different stimuli, related to our body. Some brands use cotenol for manufacturing the system, while others apply CO2. However, many other companies also prefer a blend of all these things. These components help in luring the mosquitoes. The system traps the bugs in its container so that they can die.

Place the gadget at the right spot

If you want to get the most desirable result, then you have to place the trap at the right place. You may better place it at the source, from where mosquitoes enter your room. Or, you can also keep it at the spot, where you are sitting together with dear ones in your backyard. You may also experiment by using various attractants in order to choose the one, which affects your mosquitoes in the best way.

Thus, you can now plan to buy any mosquito trap, which may also be useful to kill any other bugs. The effectiveness of the latest devices will allow you to solve the problem on any season.

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