Lead Paint Removal Canberra

Lead is a type of metal that occurs naturally. Its chemical symbol is Pb. This metal is very dangerous to people and animals. When exposed to lead, people can develop problems in their liver, reproductive organs, nerves and even the kidneys. This exposure happens slowly over a long period of time. The damage that is caused by lead is permanent and it is worse if it happens to children. This is because when children are exposed to lead, they can develop problems with their motor skills as well as cognitive ability. Prior to the 1970s lead was an ingredient of house paint. Over time, the house paint in these old houses chipped and crumbled into powder form. This exposes the people living in these houses to lead. This exposure leads to lead poisoning as well as a host of other problems. The risk is higher to pregnant women and children. Thus, if one lives in a house built prior to 1970, it is best to conduct lead paint removal Canberra.

Details about lead paint removal

The process of removing lead paint is known as lead paint abatement. This activity is dangerous if it is not done well. As such, it is best for one to hire professionals to do the job. Before the lead paint abatement begins, it is advisable to contact the local administrative health department. This is so that they can provide one with the guidelines and regulations for abatement on a local and a state level. In addition to this, one can collect a list of certified lead abatement contractors from the health department. Afterwards, one can check the qualification and references of these contractors before hiring them for the job.

Home safety tips prior to lead paint abatement

The first and foremost step before one can begin the process of lead paint abatement is to have all the members of the family checked for lead poisoning. This is especially so for the children. The results of this step is that one can get help for those who are poisoned and eliminate their exposure to the lead paint. The next is to have the house inspected for lead deposits. These can be chips in the paint or lead paint dust collecting on the floor. Any and all pregnant women and children should be relocated to other houses until the process of lead paint removal Canberra is done.

One can also post signs outside and around the house that indicate lead paint removal is being conducted. Moreover, all the doors, windows and ducts should be properly sealed with 6 millimeter plastic sheets. All the furniture, drapes, carpets and household items should be removed or covered with the plastic sheet. Access to the area where the lead paint is being abated should be restricted. Thus, only those who have the proper protective equipment should enter. Any surface that contains lead paint should be abated. Examples of such surfaces are window sills, doors, frames and the walls. There are many methods of lead paint removal Canberra. Thus, it is best to choose the method that will result in the least amount of lead paint dust. This drastically reduces the chances of exposure. During the lead paint removal process, it is important that the contractor doing the job does not dry scrape. They should always use a power grinder, electric plane or sandblast it.

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