How to Get Rid of Back Pain at Work

A huge chunk of modern day office workers suffers from a back related problem. As a result, some miss work while others have to endure the long working hours in pain. With most offices today centered around sitting for long hours and working on a computer, more people are at risk of this silent epidemic. Luckily, there are various measures you can put in place to lighten the pain or avoid the problem entirely.  This article explores some of the methods you can employ to alleviate back pain at work.

Adjust your sitting setup

One of the main causes of back pain is as a result of how you sit while working on your computer. If your working station is not properly set up, you risk straining your spine or neck. This happens mostly if you are fond of leaning forward on your chair. To avoid that, make sure your chair has sufficient lumbar support to support your spine’s natural curve.

Additionally, see to it that your knees are bent at a ninety degrees angle, with your feet resting comfortably flat on the floor. This can be achieved by adjusting the height of your chair or get additional support from a footrest. If your chair is not adjustable, a footrest can provide an ideal landing for your feet helping you to relax and ease pressure on them. They not only help you to sit comfortably on your chair but they also help to maintain your natural posture. You can learn more about footrests at Free Your Spine including how to choose the best option based on your needs.


Simple tasks such as moving around the office can help to strengthen your core muscle. This is important for enhancing your natural posture, especially if your work entails sitting throughout the day. Therefore, make sure you stroll around by taking mini breaks as often as you can. It’s also advisable to switch between working while sitting and while standing. You can replace your working station with an adjustable desk or improvise with a stack of books.

Overall, most people tend to suffer from back pain in the course of their lives. Whereas the problem may be as a result of different factors, most of these cases can be avoided if you are keen about your overall health. Your office setup could be the difference between a pain-free day at the office or missed work days as a result of back pain. Even so, it’s important to seek medical attention if the methods highlighted in this article are ineffective.

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