Essential Guidelines to Remember When Selecting an Appropriate Moisturizer and Creams

There are no second chances to create a first impression. A smooth, supple and glowing skin gives the beholder the first impression that you are healthy and beautiful. While it takes a lot of effort to attain this, one principle effort that people almost forego or forget is to moisturize their skin with the right type of moisturizers. Moisturizers prevent moisture from getting into the outer layer of the skin while drawing inner skin moister to the outer skin layer. This leaves your skin supple and glowing throughout the day. They are available in the form of an ointment, lotion, oil, and cream. Below you will learn the tips on how to shop for the most appropriate one for your skin.

a) Observe moisturizer ingredients

Check for the first five common active ingredients that the product contains. Look out for ingredients such as glycerin, Petrolatum, or lanolin. Some chemical components are more likely than others, to cause an allergic reaction. lanolin for example would cause allergic reactions to many skins when compared to Glycerin. Also be cautious about the manufacturing company. Reputable ones are highly recommended.

b) Do they have an added sunscreen?

UV rays from the sun have adverse effects on your skin, and going for a moisturizer and creams with an added sunscreen will help protect your skin against sun damage. An appropriate moisturizer needs to have an average protection factor of 30. While these days many manufacturers observe this factor, a good search is vital.

c) What is your skin condition?

People have different types of skin. The common types of skin range from dry to sensitive to oily and even a combination of all. Moisturizers or creams labeled hypoallergenic are the perfect choice for people with sensitive skins while a light oil-free moisturizer best suits an oily skin. On the other hand, a rich moisturizer should be applied if you have dry skin. And if you have a combination of all skin types, it is recommended that you use a lighter moisturizer for the face, and dot all the drier areas using a heavier one. Skin specialists also recommend a different product for your face and other body areas. Reason being, facial skin is very delicate and thinner than for other body areas. In this case, going for one that is labeled non-comedogenic gives best results.


Now that you have known just what to go for when scouting for the best moisturizer and creams, it is important that you follow up with your specialist or a dermatologist in case something goes wrong. While most outlets can sell you these products, it is paramount to only walk into a sure and famous outlet like They will not only sell them to you but, also equip you with incisive descriptions and information about each product you choose.

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