Best Movie Theaters In The Philippines

One of the most popular pastimes of many people is watching movies. Although the digital era has allowed everyone who has a decent laptop or computer and Internet connection to watch anything they want from the comforts of their homes, the option of watching a movie in a real movie theater is still very appealing to a lot of people.

Most people who prefer to watch the newest flicks in movie theaters do so because of the whole theater experience it provides. Hence, the choice of which movie theater to go to is a very important one. Many factors are involved in making this choice such as the sound quality, food availability, seating comfort and availability, and ticket price, among others. Most Ayala Malls in the Philippines have cinemas that provide a good movie theater experience; there are also others that offer luxurious cinemas. To make this choice easier for you, below are some of the best places to watch movies in the Philippines.

• Gateway Platinum Cinema. One of the first movie theaters in the Philippines to offer the very comfortable La-Z Boy armchairs, the Gateway Platinum is a favorite of those near the Cubao area. The cinema can accommodate up to 40 people and features state-of-the-art projectors and sound equipment. Refreshments and valet service are included in its ticket price of 350 pesos.

• Director’s Club at SM MOA. Located at the SM Mall of Asia, the Director’s Club cinema is equipped with only 30 very comfortable and fully reclining La-Z Boy armchairs with side tables. This cinema may also be rented out for private viewing, parties, or other events. Ticket prices are at a hefty 426 pesos.

• Rockwell Power Plant Cinema. This cinema may not have the La-Z Boy armchairs like the first two cinemas above but their seats are very comfortable and they offer two-seaters or loveseats. Watching 3D movies is also a richer experience in the Power Plant cinema because they use active 3D glasses, so you get to enjoy deeper and more defined images. The ticket prices are more affordable at 185 pesos for 2D and 300 pesos for 3D movies.

• Eastwood Ultra Cinema. Another cinema where you can be treated to watching in comfort on fully reclining La-Z Boy seats, the Eastwood Ultra cinema also offers unlimited popcorn and drinks. The rows are generously spaced apart and laid out stadium-style. Ticket prices are at 400 pesos.

• Newport Ultra Cinema. The only movie theater open 24 hours and with butler service, these two cinemas in Newport is very spacious and comfortable. The soft reclining seats are laid out in pairs and place in separate pods. Each pod has a button that you can press for butler service. All the perks come with a ticket price of 500 pesos.

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