Acoustic drum sets. The main types, which you should consider.

There is a huge number of different drum sets. All of them divide into two main types: acoustic and electronic. Let us consider attentively each of these two types.

1. Acoustic drum sets. These installations consist of acoustic drums and metal plates. Its sound is elicited by means of vibration of the air created by a membrane of the drum when stroking. At the same time, the casing of a drum appears as the resonator, which strengthening oscillations of certain frequencies and their harmonics. All this influences the nature of sounding of a resultant drum sound.

Acoustic drum sets have a plenty advantages:

  • natural-sounding
  • natural rebound
  • no necessity in the additional equipment (for example, amplifiers)
  • electricity is not required
  • plenty of low-cost cost models.

However, there are some shortcomings of acoustic drum sets:

  • Because of the big volume of sound, it is very heavy to hold rehearsals in house conditions. To reduce the volume of sounding of acoustic installation, plastics and plates become covered with the sound-absorbing materials. One more method to make acoustic drums is more silent — to seat “silent” kevlar plastic.
  • The complexity of setup. As experienced musicians say – setup of an electric guitar is a technique, setup of drums is an art.
  • An absence of an opportunity to change sounding of a drum. It can be set up in a different way within certain limits, but it is impossible to change essentially.
  • Big overall dimensions. The tool in itself takes a lot of places, but the space for comfort still is necessary in case of playing.

2. Electronic drum sets. Sound extraction in electronic drum sets happens by transformation of fluctuations of rubber, a kevlar, etc. in an electric signal by means of sensors. The formed signal comes to the electronic module. Exactly there is a formation of a sound. The great example of this device can be found at Drum Kit Digital.

There are following advantages of an electronic drum set:

  • An opportunity to quietly hold rehearsals, which is it is possible to rehearse even houses as the volume of sound can be regulated.
  • It is possible to change the sound of drums, to change sound parameters, sets of sounds. There is a possibility of connection on MIDI, record, etc.
  • The installation has a metronome, demonstration songs. There is a function of a game under minus, etc.
  • Compactness

With all those benefits, electronic drum set has only one shortcoming – electricity and the sound-amplifying equipment are necessary.

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